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Are you a Digital Property Buyer or Investor, a Digital Real Estate Buyer or Investor? And is looking to buy...
Content Synchronization is a branch of Link Building in Off Page SEO. To give it a grand pictorial visualization SEO...
A trustful website with technical assurance is like a gentleman in suit-boot! This article aims to answer the following questions:...
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General faq
  • How to create marketing content with ROI in mind?

    Futuristic Marketing Strategy and well built infrastructure hold the key to ROI. Sit proactively, take enough time to plan, make a stringent strategy, set goals and targets over it, learn about your buyer and what can attract them and finally start producing content.

  • How to find specific content of my audience interest?

    Ask BuzzSumo about the content you are looking for. BuzzSumo shall return you with list of most shared articles in chronological sequencing around your topic.

    Follow people and groups who share or post articles around your search interest on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. You can later on register with Nuzzle to receive a sorted compilation of articles of your subject in your email periodically.

    You can try out some other great tools like Swayy, Feedly, Digg Deeper, Quora, LinkedIn Pulse, Subreddits etc.

  • How to do tagging in optimized manner?

    Use # Hashtag to receive two times more engagement than those without it.

    Express gratitude – If you share others content then tag them at the end of the article or post using “via @username”.

    Use Hat Tip Tag to say thanks – Use “HT @username” for those who turned to your post, article or idea.

    Use tag or username when referencing an update from a person, group or company.

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    • Dear Phool Kumar, Association with MO has led us to reach out prospective customers far more efficiently than we had anticipated. Your services on SEO, Google Ads and Website Optimization…
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    • Appreciation Letter! Dear Team Marketing Orbits, I appreciate your work which you have done for our SEO project. You and your team gave a thrilling start to our project since…
      Mamta Sao, Digital Marketing Manager – EPG School, Kuwait
    • Marketing Orbits is a good blog for SEO services, online marketing, AdWords etc. So far I am very pleased with the services. Phool is a great guy. Efficient, friendly and…
      Sandeep Kharinta, Director – Lethbridge Dental Clinic, Penrith – Australia
    • Congratulations...very nicely prepared and valuable resource for digital marketing professionals. - 18/07/2017
      Harun Pinto, Senior Digital Marketing Manager – Paris, France
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