Above the Fold!

Traditional Meaning: Three situations! First, you go to news-paper hawker desk and see different news-papers displayed half-fold with upper-half of front-page visible to you. Second, you see the same half-fold portion displayed in any news-paper stand. Third, even a news-paper boy also hands over the news-paper to you folded in same manner. So this half-fold display of news-papers has been called as “Above the Fold”. You don’t need to unfold or turn anything to read the above the fold section.
Web World Meaning: The portion of a webpage visible to you by default without any up or down scrolling is called as “Above the fold”.
Understanding the dimensions of “Above the Fold”: In both traditional as well as web world meaning:

  • This portion reflects the editor’ choice and decision.
  • The items placed in this section are taken as the most prominent and a must to read.
  • Getting ads published in this area is always the first choice of any advertiser.

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